Pipeline Technical Director

For the past several years, I have worked as a pipeline technical director and supervisor for movie productions. A pipeline technical director is presented with the not only the challenging task of managing the production workflow to keep it smooth and efficient, also necessary is the ability to provide a productive environment for the artists, free of technical problems and routine work, allows them to effectively concentrate on their creative work.

I have gained this valuable insight through my experience while working as a look development / lighting technical director for major visual effects and animation studios. This experience gives me advantage of understanding the problems that the artists face from first hand. This allows me to facilitate the production process in a way that benefits both the artists and the management people. Using the following skills, I can help you create a more efficient and productive working process.

Programming and Scripting

I can use industry standard scripting programming languages such as Python, PySide / PtQt, C / C++, MEL, Unix shell scripting. Python covers most of pipeline tool and even plugin development for major visual effects standard application packages such as Maya, Nuke, and Mari.

Database and Management

Visual effects / Animation studios have a variety of information, and coordinators and managers have to organize it. Shotgun is an industry standard management system to help with the task, but also requires some development to fit it to your own team's needs. I have development experience with both this system and also general purpose database systems such as MongoDB.

Web Development

User interfaces are one of the most important elements when you develop your own proprietary tools. Web applications are suitable for some applications' UI, allowing people to access from not only desktop PCs, but also  a variety of portable devices. I also have skills to develop web tools with major development languages such as php, JavaScript/jQuery, and Python.

For more details please refer my resume below.